Annapolis, Maryland

Main Street in Annapolis, Maryland. (For full effect, click on each photo.)

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Beginner Photo Tip #8: Understanding Focus Modes

Another way to rocket your development as a photographer is to learn to use the correct focus mode. Let’s go over the options. No matter what brand of camera you have, focusing modes can be […]

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Beginner Photo Tip #7: 7 Ways To Make Your Photos Sharp

Your photos should be crisp, clear and sharp, like this one. But getting sharpness is not quite as easy as it seems. How To Get Sharp Photos This is your sharpness bag of tricks. You […]

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A Late Afternoon Walk

As I sit here freezing my tuccus off, I am becoming increasingly preoccupied with thoughts of beaches and the Southern Hemisphere. This warm photo was taken on a beach near Brisbane, Australia.

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The Dock

This photo was taken somewhere on the South Island of New Zealand.

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Somewhere It’s Summer

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Beginner Photo Tip #6: To Make Your Portraits Pop, Use A Shallow Depth Of Field

As this photo shows, using a shallow depth of field (DOF) for portraits emphasizes your subject. A viewer’s eyes are automatically drawn to the only thing in the photo that is in focus. The term […]

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Beginner Photo Tip #5: How To Make Light Trail Photographs

Light trail pictures are long exposure night photos which show a trail made by lights passing through the frame. Normally, light trails are made of automobile lights, but they can be of any moving object […]

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Shoot Local: Evangelical Lutheran Church In Frederick Maryland

I LOVE to travel the country and the world making photos. But, as I have recently reminded myself, I don’t have to get on a plane or break out my passport to find interesting subjects. […]

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Beginner Photo Tip # 4: Use The Rule Of Thirds To Compose Interesting And Dynamic Photos

The rule of thirds is a powerful technique for composing interesting and dynamic photos. Learning this compositional technique improved my photos as much as anything I have learned. To use the Rule of Thirds, divide […]

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