Lightroom CC’s New Panorama Feature

Before yesterday, I had never taken a panoramic photo in my life.

I knew how to make panos, but I had never done it.

So, when Lightroom CC was launched with its easy-peasy merge to panorama feature, I was ready to try it.

I headed to Frederick, Maryland, where I made some panoramas on Carroll Creek.

This photo is not very good. It actually distorts reality. There is no bend in Carroll Creek at that point.

But I wanted to show you that, with no experience, I made a panoramic photo. And, thanks to Lightroom, it was E-Z.

Ballinger Creek Pano

(For the full effect, click on the photo.)

If you want to try, here is how you take the pictures . . .

  1. Use a tripod. When you move from photo to photo they will be level, making the merge in Lightroom more effective.

  2. Take a series of photos, overlapping them by about 30%. The overlap is what Lightroom uses to stitch the photos together. (If you are shooting in portrait orientation, overlap by 50%.)

  3. Shoot in manual mode. Set your aperture to f/8 or f/11, to give enough depth of field that everything will be in focus. Adjust the shutter speed for proper exposure.

  4. Don’t adjust the settings between photos.

Then, when you get back to your computer . . .

  1. Load your photos into Lightroom.

  2. In the Library module, select the photos you want to merge. Remember, you can click on the first photo and then, while holding down the shift key, select the last photo you want. This selects all of the photos between the two you selected.

  3. Go to the “Photo” dropdown menu, select “Photo Merge,” and then select “Panorama.”

  4. Lightroom will take it from there, and surprisingly fast.

  5. After the panorama is created, you can take it to the Develop Module and edit it as you would any other photo.
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