Shoot Local: Evangelical Lutheran Church In Frederick Maryland

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church

I LOVE to travel the country and the world making photos.

But, as I have recently reminded myself, I don’t have to get on a plane or break out my passport to find interesting subjects. There are great photos to be made in my back yard (sometimes literally). If I cannot find interesting subjects locally, that’s on me. They are here. I just have to see them.

So, until our next trip, I have been “focusing” on subjects within 15 minutes of my home.

The other night, I headed to Frederick, Maryland, the closest town to where we live, to make light trail pictures.

This photo is of Evangelical Lutheran Church on Church Street (natch) in Frederick. This was a 30-second exposure with a 14 mm lens. ISO was 100, aperture was f/22. There was no exposure compensation.

I had to do some work in post production to improve the vertical distortion caused by the wide angle lens, but I think it turned out well. There are a lot of things about this photo that I really like. I hope you do too.

(Click on the photo for the full effect.)

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