Weekly Photo Tip #1: Use High And Low Camera Angles For More Unique Photographs

A simple change of camera position can transform an ordinary photo into one that demands attention. So, remember to shoot from different camera angles to make your photos pop.

Of course, you can move closer to your subject or farther away, but that’s not what I am talking about here. And you can move from side to side, but that’s not what I’m talking about either.

I’m talking about your up and down camera angle. For a unique photo, shoot your subject from higher than eye level. Maybe much higher. Perhaps much, much higher. And shoot from lower than eye level. Sometimes you have to put your belly button on the ground.

We view the world from eye level, and we tend to make our photos from eye level. We look down at roses, out at the sea, and up at skyscrapers. That’s all very . . . normal. To make your photos unique, try shooting the roses from the under side, the sea from in the water or the skyscraper from above.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about. I made these photos when I stumbled oupon this dilapidated 1951 Chevy truck on a recent rainy day.

This first photo was taken from a high vantage point. I didn’t have a ladder, so I held my camera as high above my head as I could reach. (Fortunately, my camera has a “flippy” screen which I can rotate. In Live View mode, I can look up and see the photo I am taking. Before I had this feature, I had to guess where my camera was pointed when I held it up above my head. Lots of trial and error.)

Dilapidated 1951 Chevy Truck - High View

This next picture is from a lower than eye-level vantage point.

Dilapidated 1951 Chevy Truck - Low View

And this final photo was made by placing my camera virtually on the ground. (That flippy LCD screen came in handy again.)

Dilapidated 1951 Chevy Truck - Very Low View

Three completely different photos of the same subject just by changing the camera angle.

[As always at this website, click on the images for the full effect.]

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