Sometimes, You Jus’ Gotta Make Pictures

I had been “focused” on a work project for several weeks, so I had not been able to make any photos.

So yesterday afternoon, when I finally had that project under control, I HAD to go make some photos. I had no choice. It was a biological imperative.

As I drove up the street, I passed a house that I pass virtually every day — the one with the red barn behind it.

This time, though, I stopped. I went to the door and asked a somewhat surprised woman if it would be all right if I took some pictures of the barn.

Once I had her approval, I set up my tripod and made this picture. [As always at this site, click on the photos for the full effect.]

Neighbor's Red Barn #1

This photo works for me for several reasons. The red tractor in the barn is a neat subject, of course. But it is the lines, shapes, colors and textures that really grab me. I am attracted to the vertical parallel lines of the barn, and to the horizontal parallel lines on the front of the red tractor and on the snow plow. There are circles everywhere — the tractor wheels, the tractor steering wheel, the tires lying on the ground. The interaction of the complimentary colors — the green grass and the green tractor, and the red tractor and the red barn — also draw my attention. And the different textures of the barn, the farm equipment and the ground are also interesting to me.

This is another picture that I made of this really neat old barn.

Neighbor's Red Barn #2

And, finally, this is a photo of the red tractor that had attracted my attention first.

Neighbor's Red Barn & Tractor

Having made these photos, I felt a lot better.

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