Night Photos In The Snow

Last night, I decided to make photos of some interesting, brightly-lit buildings as snow was falling.

There were a number of problems to overcome.

First, I had to keep my camera dry. For this, I put a freezer bag over it. I cut a small hole in the bottom of the freezer bag and then expanded that hole by hand to fit over my lens. I chose a size of bag that covered the entire camera. This worked very well. I was able to work the shutter release and make other adjustments fairly easily through the plastic bag.

Next, I had to keep the lens dry. This was much more difficult. The best I could do was put the lens cap on right after composing and shooting each shot and then, when necessary, wiping the lens with a dry cloth. If I had another hand, I would have held something over the lens to act as a mini-umbrella, but I was working alone so that was not possible.

I shot at f/22 for maximum depth of field, so I used a tripod, of course. I set my ISO as low as my camera allows, 200. Shutter speeds varied from 2 to 6 seconds, and I ended up increasing the exposures in post-processing by up to one stop.

I concentrated on brightly lit, interesting looking structures. And these are some of the results.

Bob Evans Restaurant at night  while the snow is falling




[Click on the photos for the full effect.]

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